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Washington Ave Project
  • First Impression And Cleanup

These are a few pictures of the property before we started working on it.

There was a lot of clean up and fixing to do.................


The crew went to work and cleaned up in a matter of a couple of hours........

The first wave of trash....


More trash....


No electricity in the house, we needed light to continue working.



All the trash is removed and the house is clean.


Final cleanup and call it a day.........................


  • The Property Is Ready To Be Fixed Up

    This calls for a new wall

    The new entry door

    Lots of work to do...............


  • The Remodeling Is Making Progress

    There's still a lot of work left.......


  • The Outside Is Taking Shape

    The outside painting is taking shape and the glass wall is finally finished. Check out the beautiful work on the roof line

  • Almost Done!

    Most of the work is done. We're applying the finishing touch and then there's only major cleaning left to do.




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