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Realtors: Attention!

Investors: Attention!

This is an age old dilemma. How to sweeten the deal with a client without going broke? We all faced the same dilemma, we are almost at the point to close a deal and there's only a small thing missing that would give you the edge over the property right down the street. Competition is fierce and everything that gives you just a little bit of an advantage is money in your pockets.

Now you have the chance to offer your clients a great welcome gift and best of all it doesn't cost you a dime.

Now here's the solution. Offer a
Free Satellite TV System.

This is an absolute win-win situation. Your clients will get a Free Satellite TV system, you get the deal and on top of this you make a commission with this free giveaway. Every time one of your clients signs up for the Dish Satellite TV System you make a $50 commission. Your client is happy to receive a free 4 room, HDTV Satellite TV with low monthly payments and you're happy that you make an additional income.

Here are some more ideas how to promote your offer:
  • Give away to every new sale you close.
  • Advertise the offer for all people who visit an open house.
  • Include the offer in the mail pieces you are already sending out.
  • Send the offer out to past customers.
  • Place some strategic advertising on your website.

No matter how you look at this opportunity, you can't loose. Sign up is free and you receive your commission every time somebody orders a Dish Network through your promotion. This is passive income at its best. No extra work, other than printing your customized flyers, and no hassle with customer service problems. You will never get involved in the business operations of Dish Networks.

Why wait, sign up today, it's FREE.














Search for Foreclosures Nationwide.

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