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Real Estate Investment Book Authors

As a real estate investor it is necessary to constantly learn new ways to invest and research the latest ideas and opinions of real estate book authors. If you just started or planning to start investing in real estate, these books are a must for every rooky investor. Your fellow real estate investor peers will appreciate your knowledge and maybe later down the road they will contact you for your opinion on a certain topic.

If you're looking for books published directly by the author click here.

These are the real estate investment book authors I personally read and recommend:


Author Title (click on title to go to Description Amazon Ratings
Richard H. Jorgensen The New No-Nonsense Landlord, Revised and Expanded

Text provides the information needed to build wealth over time by owning successful rental properties. Shows how to find and keep the most desirable tenants, make low-cost repairs that last, and take maximum advantage of tax laws. Includes real-world case studies and scores of practical examples....


Kevin C. Myers Buy It, Fix It, Sell It: Profit!

Text provides strategies for beginning and veteran real estate investors in developing a high-profit, low-overhead business. Updated and expanded to include discussions on inspecting and dealing with contamination, how tax issues affect investments in real estate rehabs, and maximizing profits....


Ted Thomas Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures

TED THOMAS is an acknowledged expert in the field of foreclosure real estate. Based in Danville, California, his popular seminars on the subject have helped thousands to profit in the foreclosure business and are widely endorsed by experts in the real estate business. 3.8
Gary W. Eldred, PhD Make Money with Fixer-Uppers and Renovations

Text shows how to profit from real estate, covering all the fundamentals. Shows how to buy properties with little or no money down, add living space to your property, and market your properties for top dollar. Softcover. DLC: Real estate investment--United States. 4.5
Gary W. Eldred, PhD Make Money with Small Income Properties

In the Make Money series, renowned real estate investor and bestselling author Gary W. Eldred shows you how to profit from the safest, most reliable wealth builder in the world–real estate. With coverage of all the fundamentals–from finding the right properties to financing and managing them–Eldred shows you the ropes so you don’t have to learn important lessons the hard way. Unlike general guides to investing in real estate, each title in the Make Money series gives you the specialized expertise necessary to fully profit from a select investment strategy.

Make Money with Small Income Properties shows you how to grow your fortune by purchasing and managing multi-unit rental properties–from duplexes to twenty-four-unit buildings. Compared to other real estate investments, small income properties offer higher returns, positive cash flows, and easy-qualifying seller financing. The expert guidance you’ll find here illustrates how you can boost property values and increase rent collections through effective and friendly management. This simple-to-follow guide offers the knowledge you need to find properties that will increase in value, manage them effectively (rule one: never think of yourself as a landlord), and maximize your profits. Make Money with Small Income Properties will show you how to:

  • Purchase and profit from affordable rental properties
  • Develop your entrepreneurial strategy
  • Understand the economy and pick the right neighborhoods
  • Size up the market and your competition
  • Carve out a target market
  • Accurately price properties
  • Build equity fast with easy improvements
  • Create ways to generate more income
Robert Shemin Successful Real Estate Investing : How to Avoid the 75 Most Costly Mistakes Every Investor Makes

Text is written specifically for novice investors who want to get started with confidence. Highlights common mistakes investors make and offers specific, real-life strategies for avoiding them. Softcover. DLC: Real estate investment. 3.7
Peter Conti How to Create Multiple Streams of Income: Buying Homes in Nice Areas With Nothing Down

Ex auto mechanic turned real estate millionaire, Peter Conti lives with his family in Denver, Colorado. Over the past 15 years Conti has built up his portfolio to include bread and butter investment houses to million dollar apartment buildings. He is the webmaster of resultsnow, an interactive... 4.2
Peter Conti Making Big Money Investing in Real Estate: Without Tenants, Banks, or Rehab Projects

Learn the moneymaking secrets of purchase option investing from two leading real estate investment experts. Real estate investment is one of the surest paths to financial success. Two self made real estate millionaires outline a low risk approach called "purchase option investing", enabling novice or experienced investors to buy homes with little or nothing down. 3.9
Jay P. DeCima Investing in Fixer-Uppers : A Complete Guide to Buying Low, Fixing Smart, Adding Value, and Selling (or Renting) High

How to get rich fast by making ugly houses beautiful! Want to find great opportunities and make big bucks in the hottest business there is? Now you can take advantage the nation's huge and growing demand for quality housing and get rich doing it! Investing in Fixer-Uppers helps you develop the... 2.7
Irene and Mike Milin How to Buy and Manage Rental Properties : The Milin Method of Real Estate Management for the Small Investor

Mike and Irene Milin, who drastically changed their careers, entered the field of real estate with no assets. After attending seminars, reading, and studying, they settled in Arizona to become millionaires. They describe how they accumulated over 200 small-income properties of five or fewer units in... 2.2
Martin Stone & Spencer Strauss Secure Your Financial Future Investing in Real Estate

-Robert J. Bruss, Tribune Media Services …hard to find a fault with this fascinating book… this excellent investment book rates a solid 10 (out of 10). 4.4
Robert Irwin The Landlord's Troubleshooter

Offers responses for just about every situation, what to say, how to say it, and what not to say, including samples of letters landlords need on a day to day basis. Provides hands-on tips for the novice and experienced landlord alike. Softcover. DLC: Real estate management. 2.5
Katie Hamilton and Gene Hamilton Fix It and Flip It: How to Make Money Rehabbing Real Estate for Profit

All about profiting from fixer-upper homes: how to get started, problems to steer clear of, do-it-yourself pointers, and more Millions of Americans dream of buying a house they can paint, remodel, and resell for a profit. Fix It and Flip It shows you how to move beyond dreaming to become a ...  
Steve Berges The Complete Guide to Investing in Rental Properties

Maximize profits in the single-family and multi-unit rental market You probably know that small rental properties are among the safest, most affordable, and most profitable investments around. With the a little help, however, you can minimize both your investment and your costs and send your ...  
Robert Irwin Buy, Rent and Sell: How to Profit by Investing in Residential Real Estate

A guide to making profitably residential real estate investments, offering strategies real estate professionals have been using for years. Offers tips for those looking for a quick return, as well as those who would like a source of long-term income and growth investment, showing how to save on...  
William Bronchick and Robert Dahlstrom Flipping Properties: Generate Instant Cash Profits in Real Estate

Bronchick and Dahlstrom, real-estate professionals, teach readers how to recognize and analyze the risks inherent in investing in bargain properties, as well as the profit potential that exists in renovating and reselling such properties for cash. Known as "flipping," this strategy includes finding,... 4.1
Robert Shemin Unlimited Riches : Making Your Fortune in Real Estate Investing

Robert Shemin shares his proven techniques for investing in this powerful asset of real estate. He presents a step by step system that lets you understand and master the same techniques he employed to make his millions. 3.6
Jack Cummings Real Estate Finance and Investment Manual

Financing is often the key to real estate success. Marginal real estate investments can become excellent ones through creative financing ... while on the other hand, the wrong financing can turn an otherwise good investment into a disaster. ... 4.0


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Real Estate Investment Book Authors