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About the Firm

Mission Statement

Dobler Properties LLC is specialized in remodeling and renovating neglected properties. We know that owning a home is the ultimate goal of every family, however there are roadblocks preventing many families to achieve this dream. With our rent/lease option program this is no longer a dream.

The Concept Of Rent To Own

Besides the advantage that you don't have to qualify for a mortgage, you also lock in the future price for your new home. Please read this article to confirm the rapid increase of Florida's real estate prices.

Rent to let's you test drive a home before you actually buy it. Because you're also holding an option to buy the house within a set period of time, nobody else can buy the house. If you can't or don't want to exercise the right to buy this house after the agreed period of time, you simply walk away. No hassle of trying to sell your house in a hurry and loosing a lot of money.

If you're relocating to a new area where you don't know anybody, a new school district, a new job, etc. Rent to own offers you the flexibility you're looking for.

If you have difficulties to qualify for mortgage today, but you know that your credit score will improve over the next year or two. Rent to own puts you into your dream home without qualifying for a mortgage. When to time is up to exercise your right to buy the house, your credit score has improved and you also get additional equity from your down payment and your monthly contribution.

Rent to own gives you the power to lock in the price of a home, nobody else can buy the house while you're holding the option contract and if things are not working out, simply walk away after the contract expires.

Why wait, contact us today.

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Search for Foreclosures Nationwide.

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